Corona Pass?

From 25th September… Some new rules for Horeca!
(Corona ticket = green pass / proof of vaccination / proof of -ve Covid test (<24hrs old) both paper and digital)

From 13 years: corona ticket.

From 14 years: corona admission ticket + ID proof (identity card, passport or driver’s license).

Terrace: no corona ticket.

Visit to the toilet or pay inside: corona ticket.

Take away food: No corona ticket.

Eat inside: Corona ticket

Please be prepared to be asked for both Corona check (NL or international as applicable) and ID if you wish to eat in, use the WC or to pay at the till.

If the check shows up green, then you are welcome in, if it shows up red, I’m sorry, but you will need to stay outside (or leave) the premises…

Avondklok Opening- UPDATE!

Dear Pizza Lovers,

We are open as usual – closing at our normal times 21:00- 21:30, so no more rushing home after collecting your last minute pizza!

To support the new Dutch government regulations in limiting the spread  of COVID-19 everyone needs to do their part….
Bancale 61 will continue to stay open and we will try to further limit the assembling of people in and out the premisses. 

This is GOOD news for you : less waiting & more for your money too! How does it work? 

Special Offer!

1) Please PRE-BOOK  as much as you can via FB ( from 8am until 5pm). we are very efficient to answer you! Tell us what you want & at what time. In case that time is not possible we will check the best option for you within a span of 30 min. Be wise: you can pre-book your pizza for collection a day in advance too (please specify the date in your order so that this is clear)
2)  For order VIA Facebook  of 3 pizzas or more, you will receive 1-Focaccia Herbs & Olive Oil & Parmigiano for free 
For order VIA Facebook of 6 Pizzas or more you will receive 2 Focaccia  Herbs & Olive Oil & Parmigiano for free.

This offer is valid for facebook orders only up to 17:00 on the day of collection. This special offer will run until the end of the current curfew (avondklok, 10/02/2021).
(You can of course still order by phone on the day, from 17:00 as usual)

More information about Curfew regulations here: