New (0) beer!

Coming soon…… aside from our regulars of van de Streek IPA, wasteiner pils, affligem blond and zot sport, we will have a “guest zero” too…..

We have a few planned in but recommendations always welcome!

A temporary end to loyalty cards and free focaccia offers..

Dear Valued customers,
You have probably noticed the lack of flour in supermarkets and the empty oil shelves…..
These are the current visible supply chain issues associated with unprecedented events over the last year and more, as well as the very recent, most disturbing, distressing and unwarranted actions to our East.
We are holding out on price increases despite increasing costs across the board from our suppliers.

To weather these increased costs we will stop with our Facebook free focaccia offers and we will also stop with our loyalty card (we will honour existing completed cards, but will no longer issue new stamps)
Thanks you for your understanding.