Vino Bianco & Vino Rosso

Dear Customer, these wines are no longer  for sale from Bancale 61…. please ask us for details if you are interested.

Vino Bianco


Trebbiano Rubicone I.G.P. Frizzante


The soft pressing of early harvested “Trebbiano romagnolo” grapes and the subsequent thermo-conditioned fermentation off skins of the flower must provide the basis of this gently sparking wine, which is very appreciated for its agreeableness.

Colour: Straw-yellow with light greenish hints.

Bouquet: Delicate, winy and agreeable; recalling flowers and country grass.

Taste: Dry but also tasteful, smooth and harmonious in spite of its liveliness.

Gastronomic Advice: This wine is lively and joyful; it is best served with both classical
and fish, frogs and snails starters. It can be successfully combined with grilled fish, such as sea-bass, black sea bass and salmon trout.

Serving Suggestions: It is best served at 14-16°C in flutes or other glasses emphasizing the foam and the small bubbles.


Pignoletto Colli d’Imola Frizzante I.G.P.


Colour: A clear straw colour with a tinge of green.

Bouquet: A fine, delicate bouquet laden with exotic fruits (such as pineapple and banana.)

Taste: Fresh and fruit-laden. A slight sparkling effect results from the natural yeasts enhancing the taste of fresh fruits, thus improving this outstanding wine.

Gastronomic Advice: The slight sparkle goes well with starters, pizza and all traditional first courses of the Emilia-Romagna region. It can be also drunk as an aperitif and to accompany cold dishes and buffets.

Serving Suggestions: Serve chilled between 6° – 8° C in tulip-shaped glasses, preserving the bottle temperature in an ice bucket.


Vino Rosso

Colli d’Imola I.G.P. Barbera Frizzante “Granello Rosso”


The type of wine “Barbera” is also included among the full-bodied company’s productions, since this sparkling wine consists of 100% Barbera grapes.
Its main features are: medium-term maceration, use of selected yeasts for a controlled fermentation and the achievement of a medium-refined wine, which is young and light but at the same time distinguished by a decided taste.

The colour is an intense ruby red with violet undertones. The typical winy air recalls tobacco and macerated marasca cherries and is enhanced by  fresh and lively bubbles; the taste is subtly tannic and sharp but also full-bodied and tasteful.

The Barbera is suited to accompany cold meat starters, grilled pork and also fried Italian specialties such as “crescentine”, “gnocco fritto” and “tigelle”; it is also recommended with soups.

It is best served in long-shaped goblets at 15-17°C.


Poggio La Pio: Montefalco Rosso DOC


Grapes: 65% Sangiovese, 15% Sagrantino, 20% Merlot
Vinification: . Hand- harvest takes place when the grapes reach the appropriate level of phenolics and sugar. Alcholic fermentation takes place in both steel tanks and casks.  Left to mature 8-10 months in oak casks. Finally after being blended under-goes a 6-8 months period of bottle-ageing.
Colour: ruby red

Bouquet: Fresh and vinous with the aroma of wild berries, raspberries and blueberries
Taste: merlot notes of tabacco blend in with fruity hints of black berry typical of Sangiovese. Clearly focused, lush and deep.


Gastronomic Advice This wine may be drunk throughout the meal. It goes especially well with salame, cold cuts and aromatic breads, with pasta and first course dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine, red roasted meats.

Serving Suggestions: Serve between 18° – 20° C