Fuori Programma….

pictures of  Farnese 1661

3 New Fuori programma!

Spiced minced lamb on a bed of Juliet carrots, mozzarella di bufala and a hint of cumin, mint and yoghurt

Frutti di Mare
a selection of seafood, cherry tomatoes, parsley, garlic and lemon and bufala

Tonio’s! (vegan version also available)
a symphony of onions four ways (leeks, onion confit, roasted onions and red onions) with a tapenade of olives, cress and dash of whiskey sauce and bufala

with alici marinate (spicy marinated anchovies) & roasted potatoes, green beans & Provola

Marrakesh ( spicy-hot)
Merguez sausages, creamed lentils, marinated aubergine & Provola


…..and some of your favourites


Cinderella by Rossini
Bufala, pumpkin and walnuts topped with rucola, spec and Parmesan flakes

Bufala, spicy nduja salami, pepers, red olives, a hint of celery and red onions

Farnese 1661
Bufala, mortadella, ricotta, lemon zest and a sprinkling of pistachio nuts…. a must to try out!

Pancetta Radicchio
Roasted panchetta, bufala, black peper, radicchio belga (witloof) and a dash of fennel oil

Pesto Rosso e Verde
Red and Green pesto and pine nuts topped with bufala cherry tomatoes and fresh basil after baking


Allergens and Intolerances?

For a specific list of known allergens for each of our pizzas, please ask to see our allergen card.
Voor allergeneninformatie kunt u zich wenden tot het personeel.

All pizzas and focacce are prepared in an area where the following known allergens are handled: