New Corona rules….

Anybody seen Groundhog Day recently?

From Sunday 28th, we will be open regular times but only for takeaway.

To collect your pizza, you will need to wear a mask and be able to answer No to both health questions…. If you are waiting indoors (very limited space!) You will also need to show your COVID pass.

1) Have you recently been in contact with anyone infected with or suspected to be infected with Covid?

2) Do you have COVID symptoms or are otherwise feeling unwell?

If you answer yes to either of these, i’m afraid we can’t serve you….

Please PRE-BOOK as much as you can via FB ( from 8am until 5pm). we are very efficient to answer you! Tell us what you want & at what time. In case that time is not possible we will check the best option for you within a span of 30 min. Be wise: you can pre-book your pizza for collection a day in advance too (please specify the date in your order so that this is clear)

More Info on current rules:

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